Prescription Info

Prescriptions and Refills

We have recently implemented electronic prescribing, which helps prevent errors in communication between your provider and your pharmacy. Your prescription should be at the pharmacy before you get there eliminating your wait time at the pharmacy. Refills should be called in to the pharmacy by the patient and the pharmacy will send us a request. That request will be reviewed along with your chart by your physician and the refill will be sent back to the pharmacy electronically.  Allow 24-48 hours for your prescription refill.

We require our patients to bring all of their medications to each office visit, including all over the counter medications and medications from other specialist or physicians. Your physician can review your medications and dosage and medical record and determine if your current course of treatment is still the best for your continued healthcare.  Maintenance prescriptions should be given when you are in for your visit with your doctor.

Refill of regular maintenance prescriptions will be done during regular office hours only. Please allow 24-48 hours for your prescription refill. We do not refill prescriptions on weekends or after hours unless it is an emergency.